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1930 Standard Arrow restoration

Arrow was one of a number of specialist coachbuilders in the late 1920's who built sports cars on various different chassis.   Formed by A P Compton in West London they built a number of cars on various chassis including, Morris Minor, Austin 7 and Wolseley Hornet before going shopping for the Standard Nine chassis. How many Standard Nine's were actually bodied by Arrow is unknown, I doubt it was very high, and possibly only in single figures.   Arrow themselves, went out of business in 1931.

Recently the only known Standard survivor has re-surfaced in North Yorkshire, where it had lain in a garden for at least the last 55 years.    Actually the car had been listed on the Standard Register for a number of years, although it was wrongly identified as a Avon with modied bodywork.  Following the death of the second owner, Thomas (Tim) Squance in 2006 who had purchased the car in 1947.   (In the late 1940's and 1950's it was in active use in various VSCC events, until it was parked up in the garden in the late 1950's.) His daughter decided to clear the Orchard and it was her wish for her fathers car to be restored.

Recently rescued by young enthusiast and active Vintage Sports Car Club member, Nick Williams, from Herefordshire who becomes only the third owner from new of this rare car. Nick already has the restoration of a 1927 Morris and various fairground mechanical organs under his belt.  He hopes to have the restoration completed by 2014 to enable him to use the car on the VSCC 80th Anniversary event to be held in York. 

As previously mentioned, Tim Squance purchased the Arrow in 1947, by which time it had "clocked up" just under 48,000 miles.  The car was then on the road almost daily until 1960, also very active in Vintage Sports Car Events.  The car came off the road in 1960, with 250,000 miles on the clock.  (The engine had been completely overhauled at 150,000 miles.)

I visited, Nick at his workshop exactly two weeks later, and I am pleased to report that the restoration has already begun.   What is urgently required at the moment, is a set of 5-stud, 19 " wire wheels, and if anyone has any available then please contact the Registrar and messages will be forwarded.

More information will be posted on this site, as the restoration progresses.