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Welsh Borders Rally - 2012

This 1913 Standard Rhyl has been in storage

for most of the last 80 years.
The 2012 Standard Register Rally was held in Montgomery, Powys, on the Welsh - English border.

Cars from all areas of the Country began to gather on the Thursday lunchtime.   One of the early arrivals was John Conder and his 1919 model SLS from Stamford.  

Friday morning, saw the first of the road runs, which headed south to Knighton, and the premises of Clayton Engineering Ltd.  Heavy rain and some steep hills were encountered on route.  This Company manufactures the sea tractors and life boat trailers for the RNLI.  A most interesting tour of the workshops folllowed.     

From there the party moved to Leintwardine and the chance to view the restoration of the only known 1930 Standard Arrow that was re-discovered in Harrogate, Yorkshire last year.

Saturday morning, was the main day of motoring and the party headed east towards the fortified manor house of Stokesay Castle, near Craven Arms.   The chance to tour this interesting English Heritage property and have coffee.  A short run followed which took us to the Acton Scott Heritage Farm, which is better known as the setting of the BBC television series Victorian Farm.  A buffet lunch was held in the comfort of the New Barn whilst outside the weather changed and heavy rain and hail stones fell.  
1928 Gordon England bodied Standard Nine

entered by Harry Groom and Loraine Woods
Winner of Rally to the Event, 1921 Standard SLO

driven from St Albans by Phil Homer

Two 1913 Standard Rhyl's at Acton Scott

highly original 1913 Standard Rhyl

The cars at Glansevern Hall Gardens
David Groom and Mel Bryne must be congratulated for perservering with their newly acquired 1913 Standard Rhyl.  For a car that has been in storage for most of the last 80 years, this was the first real run for many years.  Blocked carburetor jets, that had to be cleaned out were just some of the problems overcome during the course of the event.  

Upon the return to the Hotel, the Annual Dinner, presentation of awards and raffle were held.   

Sunday morning started dry, and a further short road run was held to the nearby Glansevern Hall Gardens.  25 acres of grounds have created into the most wonderful gardens, since Neville and Jenny Thomas acquired the property in 1982.   Sadly, this could be one of the last trips to tour the gardens, since the owners have decided to retire and Glansevern Hall has been placed on the market. 
Butterworth Cup - winner Michael and Lynda Hilditch (1922 Standard SLO)
For the most improved car over the last 12 months.

Rally to the Event

Class 3 winner: Dennis and Sheila Brown
1930 Standard Selby with 56.5 formula miles from Raglan, Monmouthshire.

Class 2 winner:  Phil and Linda Homer 
(The Barr Trophy)
1921 Standard SLO with 206.5 formula miles from St Albans, Hertfordshire.  

Car Badges/mascots competition
(kindly devised by Suzie Singleton)
Winner: Steve Smeltzer with 16 out of 20 correct answers.

A special presentation was made to Alfred Breth for his continued support.  Each year Alfred who is restoring a 1922 Standard V2, attends from his home in Vienna, Austria.

For a further report on this event, visit the Standard Motor Club web site.

Winner of the Butterworth Cup, 1922 Standard SLO

driven to the event by Michael and Lynda Hilditch