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Gordon England

Gordon England was one of a number of specialist coachbuilders that were to build body work for the Standard Nine chassis.   In 1928, 100 of the short wheel base, chassis with the 1155 cc 8.9 H.P. engine were supplied to Gordon England who went on to build 50 two door Sports Saloons, and 50  open two seater, sports cars on the chassis.   The two seater sports car cost £225, which coupled really economical running and the ability to obtain a genuine 60 mph.  Both  models  were also available with the option of a super charger, which guaranteed 75 m.p.h. for £75 extra. 

There are two known survivors world-wide, David Groom in the United Kingdom and Allan Bain in New Zealand.   The Registrar is probably the only person who has been fortunate enough to ride in both known survivors.  

This article first appeared in "Beaded Wheels", the official journal of The Vintage Car Club of New Zealand (inc) and is reprinted by permission.